About project

About project

Project coordinator

Poznan University of Technology is 100 years old, yet it strives to be a modern and active institution.

The mission of the University is to educate at all levels of higher education and in lifelong learning mode in close connection with scientific and research & development works carried out at the University in cooperation with future employers of university graduates and in contact with society.

The implementation of the University’s mission enables the vision of the Poznan University of Technology to be realized as the leading technical university in the country, with the aspirations to be a partner of European and world universities in terms of the quality of education and the level of scientific research. For several years, the Poznan University of Technology has been consistently implementing the strategy of university internationalizing, among others, through cyclical participation in educational foreign missions.

The vision is to create a leading university of technology in the country, well recognized in Europe, an important and sought-after partner of foreign universities, guaranteeing high-quality education and a global level of scientific and research & development works.Today, the Poznan University of Technology offers education at 9 faculties, running a total of 31 fields of study. About 16,000 first and second-cycle students, doctoral and postgraduate students study here. Over 1,300 academic teachers care about their education. The didactic offer of Poznan University of Technology is modern, rich, and adapted to the requirements of not only domestic but also foreign employers.

General info

During the lockdown period, the near-universal school closures in 192 countries, covering more than 60% of the world’s student population, resulted in concerns of significant long-term losses in education and learning. Reducing the negative impact of this situation is crucial for the entire higher education sector. All lecturers dealt with the consequences of the lack of real contact with students, including lowering the effectiveness of classes and student motivation.

Goals and objectives

The overall aim of the project is to improve the skills of university teachers to enable them to develop digitized training content promoting equal opportunities for students enrolled in virtual and extended classroom courses.
The specific objectives include:
– improving / innovating online learning to meet the needs of higher education while conducting training in virtual and extended classrooms
– promoting the combination of pedagogical, technical and technological aspects in the redesign of the training course
– improving the skills of lecturers in the three above-mentioned aspects, considered individually and in mutual interactions.

In order to meet the challenge of remote education and to bridge the gap between classroom and virtual lessons, academic teachers should receive support in developing their skills and introducing innovations in three dimensions: pedagogical, technical and technological.


The partnership implementing the project consists of 4 universities (Poznań University of Technology (PL) Faculty of Management Engineering; LUMSA, Rome (IT) – Department of Pedagogy; University Ramon Llull – Barcelona (SP) – Faculty of Engineering; University of Maribor (SL) – Knowledge Transfer Office and Department of Logistics) and one company, ValueDo, Florence (IT), active in the field of online and digital training.
Work to provide comprehensive support to academic staff will be piloted jointly by universities.
The project will bring results in the form of:
– improve the skills of educators in various pedagogical methodologies, suggesting them a practical and free online tool that can be used to deliver innovative training content
– identifying easy solutions to the most common technical problems
– ensuring the technological quality of online lessons, automatically identifying when learners are losing attention in the online environment
These effects will be observed in the short and long term.

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