Holistic Teaching: Connecting the dots was a two day celebration of the entire HOTSUP project. It was held on March 30th and 31st at the Poznan University of Technology (PUT). The event served as an international multiplier event for the project „HOTSUP”, which aimed to develop an adaptive online platform to support higher education educators in solving all kinds of problems (pedagogical, technical and technological) teachers face. The event included experts panel on hybrid teaching, presentation of research connected with the topic and workshops on implementation of HOTSUP tools.

The 17 participants from all over the world together with 21 from Poland took part in event and showed great interest in project results actively discussing challenges and opportunities of their application.

Final meeting:

On 30 March 2023 HOTSUP consortium had thei final meeting in Poznan. It was time to summarize, celebrate and plan for the future. It was a great journey which successfuly came to and end creating great intellectual outputs, memories and relations.

Thank you:

Katarzyna Ragin-Skorecka

Daria Motała

Hubert Wojciechowski

Jędrzej Skorecki

Piotr Mitkowski

Grzegorz Musioł

Giuditta Pasta

Alessandro Guadagni