About us

About us

Poznan University of Technology

Poznan University of Technology is 100 years old, yet it strives to be a modern and active institution.

The mission of the University is to educate at all levels of higher education and in lifelong learning mode in close connection with scientific and research & development works carried out at the University in cooperation with future employers of university graduates and in contact with society.

The implementation of the University’s mission enables the vision of the Poznan University of Technology to be realized as the leading technical university in the country, with the aspirations to be a partner of European and world universities in terms of the quality of education and the level of scientific research. For several years, the Poznan University of Technology has been consistently implementing the strategy of university internationalizing, among others, through cyclical participation in educational foreign missions.

The vision is to create a leading university of technology in the country, well recognized in Europe, an important and sought-after partner of foreign universities, guaranteeing high-quality education and a global level of scientific and research & development works.Today, the Poznan University of Technology offers education at 9 faculties, running a total of 31 fields of study. About 16,000 first and second-cycle students, doctoral and postgraduate students study here. Over 1,300 academic teachers care about their education. The didactic offer of Poznan University of Technology is modern, rich, and adapted to the requirements of not only domestic but also foreign employers.

Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta

Founded in 1939, LUMSA is the second oldest university in Rome and a highly ranked Higher education institution in Italy, with over 9000 students (10% international from 55 different countries).

University teaching is distributed across three departments: Law, Economics and Politics and Modern languages; Social Sciences – Communication, Education and Psychology; Law and Economics. Since 1999 it is also operating in Palermo, Sicily.

LUMSA proposes totally 19 degrees, B.A. and M.A degree programs among which law, business administration, economics, education, communication/marketing, and psychology. LUMSA awards Ph.D. degrees in social policy, law, psychology, education and economics, classified as highly “innovative” by Italian Minister.

University of Maribor

The University of Maribor is the second-largest Slovene university, and it consists of seventeen faculties. It was established in the year 1975. The University employs about 1,800 employees, and currently about 14000 students being educated at University. The main goal of the University is to provide a supportive and innovative environment for all students and employees. The University of Maribor is the first Slovene university to be awarded the „HR Excellence in Research” badge and is obliged to respect the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

Universitat Ramon Llull

La Salle Campus Barcelona (Spain) is one of the founding members of Universitat Ramon Llull. It is an institution with a history spanning over 300 years, with a strong international presence and a vocational commitment to person-centered training and research. At La Salle, we are pioneers in offering engineering, architecture, business and digital arts studies that are continually adapting to the needs of the market and society in general. We are strongly committed to provide quality education with values for the young people of tomorrow, as we believe that in society, people should come first.

In order to ease the adaptation and (forced) migration to virtual learning environments due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, at La Salle Campus Barcelona (Universitat Ramon Llull) we have developed the implementation of Smart Learning. The Smart Learning paradigm is aimed to provide students and trainers a seamless integration in synchronous learning environments populated by physical and virtual attendants. In this regard, all the classrooms and laboratories of the campus have been equipped with high quality audio systems with more than 8,000 virtual microphones per classroom, cameras equipped with artificial intelligence, and smart boards to share content to and from the smart classroom, which is committed to enhance collaborative work. In this way, when the trainer enters the classroom, the system automatically sets up a Zoom meeting where students can join. Student faces are seen in another screen of the classroom and the session can be developed smoothly.


ValueDo S.r.l. is a consultant company based in Florence, specialized in activities of European, national, regional and local project management and in the support of public socio-economic innovation policies. Our company carries out activity of research dedicated to the evaluation and definition of the strategies and the best initiatives within the strategic planning in addition to the use of EU structural fund. ValueDo is and manages 91C: coworking space